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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Afterhours #4 - failed attempt at an acoustic show

hey there! got this show going, quick eh? yah as i said, i wanna finish a round of music shows before i get back to school. so i guess i'll get something on some time later this week.

first off : lots of thanks to steven from finniston, even though i mentioned it during my podcast, i really appreciate how nice you were about the whole thing, even offered me a better quality file and to answer some questions about the band. real cool!!!
also to seth, damien and steff!!! your encouragements kicked ass!! gave me a boost to do my show. hahah but somehow i've shown some slacking off during this show and i kinda have a feeling that laziness will pursue on further. but oh well i'll just compensate that with good choices of music.

oh right another thing to celebrate: the circulation numbers went up to double digits!! yay!! the numbers are going up little by little, thanks for the support guys!

well anyhow, i better shut up now ON WITH the ...
show notes:

intro - first cussing 'oh shit'
Jens Lekman: Black Cab
Finniston : words can only try
the whiles: will you
the flame: when we were kids
the elected: Greetings in Braille
talk 2- strike 2!! 'ah shit i'm screwing this up'
sandycoates: air and i
neva dinova - yellow datsun
the charades: monday morning
NOTE: i got the song from but forgot when, so you can give it a quick skim to find the charades, the link i've got there is a m3u file.
talk 3- the pines: high street
the pipette: why did you stay?

podcasts mentioned: tartan podcast, whyme: worst music you've ever heard.

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k catch you guys later
vanessa aka fierce panda!!

note: the pictures are not owned by me, the acoustic one is from and the other one's from


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