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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Afterhours #5- first submission!!! and more talk (electronica show)

ok so yah a quick update, quick quick quick...i'm starting to get a hang of this podcasting, i don't have as much dead air that i need to edit out and don't sound as uptight. so good good good. don't have much to say really, but we've got a music submission!! so that's great. and yeah...

if any of you want to get your music out there and think this show is a pretty good way to do it for you GO AHEAD AND EMAIL ME. don't need to hesitate , all is welcome!!

so i guess we need to move on to the shownotes:

Intro: India Pindia
Bethurum - Dios Mio
Talk 1 - Scarf Face - Lonesome
Cagey House - the Shnay Speaks
his EP length project
Talk 2 -Williamson - 2 percent er (note: non-commerical use only)
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Boatfriend
Lali Puna - 603
Talk 3 - Transient- Magic Blinking Microbes
check out more of his Palm Cuts project at his page on
Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks
interview article

laters then bye
fierce panda!!

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