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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Panda's Hideout #21 - Merry X'MASS!

hey everyone! christmas season is here and new year is near! holidays for me and for everyone too! hahaha, sounds like poetry. well anyway thank you everyone for making this podcast successful for the year. all those positive feedback i've gotten only pushed this show on further.

well have fun over the holiday!


Jana Hunter - Farm, CA

Milieu - Playground Memories

Lisa Cerbone - Araby

Vermeer - The Beaming Light

Love Fi - A Long Way

Milieu - Drain (ft . Meadows & Labyrinths)

Wooden Wand - Sundrum Ladies

Lau Nau - Kuula

Thuja - Untitled Track 3

Milieu - Mahogany

Tunng - Tale from Black

Paavoharju - Puhuri

Clogs - Pencil Stick

later gators,
fierce panda!!





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