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Friday, December 02, 2005

thom york voicing his opinions, hollar for that!

so on nov. 22, thom york posted on the radiohead blog, DEAD AIR SPACE, scorning at the actions of the US government. not that i can blame him...

"so the UN are meeting in Montreal to decide what to do after the Kyoto protocol.

and already the US administration has buried its witless head in the fucking sand.

refusing to take part.

you can even see the strings being pulled.

this is a true evil.

and on tv they are talking about the sahara and how global warming will destroy the lives of the millions who live there soon.

oh and the weather man says how weve got caught out by the extreme snowfall. highly unusual.

cue footage of stranded motorists.
but hey itll be nice for kids.
cue taboganning footage.
(sidenote: somehow this looks like it can be written as lyrics... maybe it's just me...)

and business leaders are meeting tony blair tommorrow to express their concern about gas supplies.fuck business leaders what about the rest of us?

if ever property in the country had solar panels or mini wind turbines, just like it has water supply and a satelltie dish perhaps we wouldnt need new nuclear power stations that we cant afford to please these fucking business leaders.


p.s. please excuse the swearing. im mad."

how cool can that band be?!

well i don't usually do this... but not only do i encourage you guys to purchase records from bands and artists, please help our world out here by being envrionmentally friendly (cuz those super giants out there aren't really willing to do much about it) so turn off your engines when you're waiting down the street, don't leave the air-con on when you leave the house, don't forget about those lights either, don't leave your shower running for minutes, try to recycle stuff, etc. etc. the list can go on in the stuff we can do for our environment and children.
you don't have to turn into tree-huggers, but just consider it and see wat you wanna do from there.

hahah i don't really like to get serious, but i guess it's necessary. hahah

much thanks to the mp3 blog S K A T T E R B R A I N for the heads up in thom york's post.
check out his blog for a mp3 track of Radiohead's. it's a remix of the song talkshow host.

well yah,
later then,
fierce panda!!

i'm going to post soon, just about a japanese improv duo and a track of theirs. dun dun DUN!

PS: anyone can post on the blog now! i actually found that there's the option of letting EVERYONE to post, so yah, if u wanna go right ahead now. comments are always welcomed ; )


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