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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Panda's Hideout!! #16 - Damn that Screwup!

Hey everyone! another show that's caught in between two planned shows... if that made sense... well it's just that i didn't really lan on putting out a show, but thought that since the gap in between those two shows might be over a week long, i'll be dencent enough to do it!! yay for me!!

damn that libsyn screwup! i swear i payed that $5 this month and didn't get an account renewal!!!

you mite have noticed that there doesn't seem to be any breathing space between my sentences... please excuse that... it's because i wanna get the file as small as possible due to the darn quota overload..

anyway, shownotes:

Det Gamla Landet - Det Heliga Landet

Club 8 - Saturday Night Engine (STREAM)

Amandine - Blood and Marrow

Mi and L'Au - Older

Jens Lekman - Rocky Dennis' Farewellsong To The Blind Girl

Breadfoot - Hilary Rose

Boduf Songs - Lost in Forests

South San Gabriel - I'm Six Pounds of Dynamite

Ok so that's it

support indie musicians and bands! and they shall continue to make kick ass music for us all!!


later! and have a nice weekend!
vanessa (aka fierce panda!!)





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