Panda's Hideout!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Panda's Hideout!! #11 - the pandarosa ft. the flu

hi everyone this is a band feature show or whatever you call those... of the PANDAROSA!!! i didn't break my promise muhahahahah and updated for the week. good on me eh? thanks for listening, downloading, subscribing, all those stuff...
well anyway, let's get on with the shownotes.

the pandarosa - amazing sounds of orgy

the twin atlas -beautiful suprise

the pandarosa -july

the pandarosa - why is it so cold in january (but titled as I Promise on the website

the twin atlas - i'm a bastard

the twin atlas - show me all

the pandarosa - ladders

the pandarosa - claire

hope you liked pandarosa!

see you guys laterhave fun for the week!bye bye

fierce panda!!

PS. i forgot i you need to login/register for / not , but if you need to it won't take long...hehe

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