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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Finniston interview

well steven took his time to answer the questions that i sent him, so great thanks to steven!! here goes:

Q - since on your website, you've mentioned that you and your sister
have taken different musical paths while you were growing up, what
made you guys decide to team up and form finniston?

A – Both my sister and myself have been playing music since we were about four years old. We both played classical piano and violin for years until I discovered rock and grunge music, and Jolene started playing Scottish fiddle tunes. At this point our musical tastes changed quite a bit. I played lead guitar in a couple of bands at school and wrote a few songs, but didn’t start writing stuff properly until I was about 20. Then in 2002 we both found ourselves living in Glasgow one street away from each other and decided to team up and play some music! I then started writing more and more songs and then finniston was born!

Q -what are some of your band's musical influences?

A – These days our musical tastes are pretty similar. I usually end up stealing CDs of new bands that my sister is listening to so we pretty much end up liking the same stuff! My favourite bands at the moment are probably Aberfeldy (a Scottish band), Josh Ritter, and Belle and Sebastian (another Scottish band!). Other influences include Nick Drake, John Martyn, and Ron Sexsmith.

Q -why did you choose to play sort of soft rock, acoustic kind of music?

A – it was never a conscious choice really, I think that most songwriters write stuff that is related to their musical influences in some way, and I’m sure that I’m the same! I prefer to listen to acoustic music so I tend to write the same sort of stuff – never really thought about it before though!

Q -are there any favorites amongst finniston's songs for you? is there any
particular reason behind those choices?

A – I don’t normally admit that I like my own songs! I suppose at the moment I really enjoy playing ‘another love song’. The harmonies are fun and it’s a nice happy song! ‘peace of mind’ is another one I’m liking at the moment. I wrote it after an argument I had with my girlfriend so it’s got a lot of meaning to me!

Q -what are some plans you've got for finniston in the future?

A – Main plan at the moment for us is to get signed! We’ve got some interest from a couple of labels at the moment so fingers crossed! Also we’ve got our new EP coming out at the end of the month which we’re quite excited about. It’ll be available through our website at, so keep checking for updates on that!

GIVE their songs a LISTEN:
finniston - another love song

NOTE: finniston has their EP coming out in SEPTEMBER so go ahead of grab it if you like that band!!!


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