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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Panda's Hidoeout!! #15 - Post - Halloween

HELLOOOO EVERYONE~~~~ hahahah i've been getting some mad emails lately, ALL WITH VERY COOL, SUPPORTIVE MESSAGES! THANK Q GUYS! REALLY APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT! ok so i guess that's it with the caps or else it'll just be too much... hahahaha so thank q thank q thank q thank q thank q thank q (the sentence goes on)

oh dammit! i should've named this podcast 'it's a small world after all' DAMMIT!! oh crap i forgot to mention this site for shownotes.... great...

oh well hahaha let's head on to the shownotes:

ironville - ed green

the envelopes - it's the law

central services - she was my ride

the winks - snakes

the triangles - applejack

the postcards - hey girl

i'm from barcelona - we're from barcelona

rose melberg - golden gate bridge

Ok so thanks for listening!!
spread the fun! spread the love!
have a nice day!
fierce panda!!

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i laughed my ass off when i saw those two pictures from


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