Panda's Hideout!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Panda's Hideout!! #13 - Untitled

hey guys! i'm sooooo excited, got myself hyped up after reading some listeners ( = friends') comments!!!! thanks for the support, it's awesome to hear from you guys!!

it might be a while later till i'll update another show, because i've used up my storage for the maybe after the 27th? or something like that till the next show..... gives me time to go search for some music eh?!
well stay tuned and hope u guys like the stuff!!

anyway, shownotes :

the happy bullets - the vice and virtue ministry

mike blackhurst -dull & dirty kisses

mike blackhurst -nostalgia

bottom of the hudson - riot act

the year zero - moon viewing parties

the hong kong - mazerati

belle and sebastian ft. avalanche - i'm a cuckoo (avalanches remix)

have fun! i heart u guys!


fierce panda!!

pulled down show




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