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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Amina Iceland TV Performance

sigur ros came to hong kong for a stop, with amina as their supporting act. but i missed it... then i guess i'll just catch them later, when i go to the states.

for those who haven't seen amina perform before, or have but still want to have a look anyways., here's a 30min video of their performance on an iceland tv show. watch it! it's brilliant!


what is amina?
amina is a string quartet comprising four icelandic young women, founded in the summer of 1998. we met in tónlistarskólinn í reykjavík [the music school of reykjavík] and started playing together in 1996. we started doing lots of studio work with all kinds of pop and rock bands because there weren't many string groups taking on that sort of flexible and time-consuming work.


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