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Friday, January 13, 2006

Panda's Hideout!! #24 - Download Generation 'Apathetic'?


Get Him Eat Him - Exposure

Whitestarr - Luv Machine

Tim Fite - Forty-Five Remedies

Hello Saferide - Highschool Stalker

Flash Fiction - The Production Cycle

The Wombats - Derail and Crash

What Made Milwaukee Famous - Hellodrama

Flash Fiction - Stealing Static/Like Waves

Flight of the Conchords - Think About It, Think Think About It

The Lovekevins -

Tenniscoats - In My Bloody River

Other Links:
Download Generation 'Apathetic' - full article
NRK Urort - norwegian band website
Spoilt Victorian Child

Permission Magazine Podcast
Take Me Out Tonight




fierce panda!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the link and shout out! the volume levels are really good in this show.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a comment on the notion that we are more apathetic now that music is easy to discover.

Our standards have been raised because the amount of music out there. We are no longer satisfied as easily as we would have been in the pas. Back then, the way we would discover music was through the radio, MTV, and maybe through record stores and friends recommendations. So, if you were a fan of music, you would find the music you liked best and become a fan.

Now that there is so much music out there and it is so much easier to discover it, we have the chance to refine our tastes. We can download a ton of music to try and find something we really like rather than settling. When we find something we really, really like that is worth our time, we can then become obsessive fanboys and fangirl, buying ever release on vinyl, every single that come out, and going to every show. Life as a music fan is so much better when you have a mad passion about music, rather than settling for music that makes us feel luke-warm.

We, as music fans, will now take auditions for music that we will become passionate about. We will not pay for this screening process as we did in the past, and we will not narrow our search to what old media is presenting to us.

Ease of discovery + breadth of variety = higher standards (more discriminating tastes)

Now does this mean we "consume" more music? Yes.
Do we want to pay for music we do not like? No.
Should we have to pay for everything we "consume?" No.

5:39 PM  
Blogger fierce panda!! said...

hey nick, thanks for that thoughtful comment. you are right with the fact that it's better to be a crazy fan rather than just settling with some music that you aren't that passionate about. and i guess that's where the internet can come in handy, where you are given more choices and chances to experiment. but i guess the problem is getting people to buy the music they love. i don't think buying cds is a big thing in HK, because of the same few artists that we've got here, it's just SO SO easy to get their albums through BT sites. and with the fact that lots of people can go with or without music, buying music is pretty much out of the quesiton.

i dunno if i'm really responding to your comment correctly, but overall i still think that the proliferation of music is a good thing. i think music brings people together. i actually met lots of people through music. and with the easy access that we've got to music, it's easier for ur friends to get hold of it and maybe even purchase it.

maybe overall our generation is getting more apathetic towards music because of its availibility but i guess as long as there are hardcore music lovers, it's all good.

6:33 PM  
Blogger fierce panda!! said...

hey mar, no problems with the shout out and all :) and great to know that the volume's alrite this time.

6:33 PM  
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