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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Juana Molina - A Different Kind of Folk

maybe some of you have seen that album cover before, when you were flipping through some albums in the cd store, or maybe some magazine even. but for me, i've spotted that cd in the store that i shop in, but dismissed it as the same kind of folk music i've heard before.

it's certainly not.

i watched her studio performance on KCRW, morning becomes eclectic, for her 3rd album : Son and became totally excited with the music she's making.

stream : audio video (real player needed)

taking on the show by herself, she created some wonderfully-layered music with looped vocals, the plucking of her guitar, and some atmospheric, yet perculiar tunes from her keyboards.

most probably because i'm not a musician myself, i can't help but feel intrigued by the way the performed. she would sample a sequence, and have the synthesizer/whatever tool she uses to repeat that sequence over. and she does that over and over again, until you have this build up of layers, perfectly complimenting each other.

there's this freeness to her music that is just real soothing.

please have a listen to her music. or buy it!

La Verdad
Rio Seco
La Verdad (live)


official website


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