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Sunday, July 23, 2006

News and Updates

show's going to be updated soon, within this week.

actually. it was Panda's Hideout's 1 year birthday yesterday (June 22) which is nice. i think the show has grown, in format and hopefully flow-age. hahaha

so if you want, i just started another blog, just to write a bit more about myself and what's going through my head. cause this page is about the podcast/music.

but it still has the lame name of panda's hideout. hahaha


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday PandasHideout!

The perfect time to tell you how much I adore the show. I love your choice of music and enjoy the musings inbetween.
I have been listening to your podcast for almost that whole year. It was one of the very first I subscribed to, and one of the few I still enjoy.

I hope you're not turning this into an ordinary mp3 blog. Hearing your voice is much more personal, and makes me enjoy the music even more.

Thank you for the music!

Whish you all the best,
(The smartass that once pointed out
that the one song's title was german)

3:43 AM  
Blogger fierce panda!! said...

hahaha yeah, it was kinda embarrassing then but it's real funny now. mistaking french for german...

anyway, that's a really nice thing to hear! i'm just glad that you like the music that i put out in the podcast (and the random stuff that i talk about. i think for it's something about this podcast that people either love/hate, but thankfully i haven't heard any complaints yet.hahaha)

thanks for the encouragement, i really hope that i'll find the time to keep this going and sharing some more music.

10:01 PM  
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